Testimony Fernández Dávila Abogados is a prestigious Law Firm of general practice, especially acknowledged in the fields of Intellectual Property, Competition and Market, and Life Science.

We believe that Law is a dynamic discipline; and therefore, we are prepared and continue preparing in accompanying our clients in any business project they decide to start, whether in the local market or accepting the challenge of broader markets available in a globalized world. So, our structure is designed to provide legal solutions in an efficient manner, at the time and place they required.

Our business is to meet our clients’ businesses to offer them a comprehensive, preventive, creative and customized legal service which is unique.

We are confident that our professional proposal allows us to add value to our clients’ businesses. We are committed to ethics and responsibility that our profession deserves.


Services Our firm put at your disposition professionals of extensive experience in different areas of practice to accompany and provide legal assistance in any fields of your business activity providing a quality legal service.

Practice areas

Practice areas Our firm provides legal services as general practice, providing assistance to your company in the required fields to develop your activities, such as Law on Corporate and Business, Intellectual Property, Labor, Tax Law, Life Science, among others.

Business and Corporate

Our specialized attorneys in contractual and corporate matters provide personalized legal assistance to the clients in all legal aspects regarding their business activities (including contractual corporate matters and safeties to foreign investment).

Our staff is prepared to advice you in designing your investment strategy, whether incorporating a company or branch, organizing a consortium or joint venture or any other form of business structure. For such purpose, we will take into account the sector, tax and other applicable regulatory frameworks. In addition, we provide consulting services on the execution of mergers and acquisitions, and any company restructuring you may decide to undertake for greater business efficiency.

We have extensive experience in investment promotion, foreign investment regulation and protection of the same under local regulations and bilateral and multilateral treaties. Our experience enables us to assist you in the preparation and negotiation of trade agreements of any kind, such as Distribution, Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer and others.

Moreover, we have wide experience in providing legal advice in corporate conflicts, in mergers and acquisitions, related to acquisition and taking control operations, such as implementation of mergers through different acquisition structures.
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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are increasingly important instruments for the creation of value in modern companies; and therefore, there is the need to rely on legal services ensuring the most efficient protection possible. In this respect, our attorneys are specialized in this matter, and will provide advice on the registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and secrets, copyrights, domain names, as well as permanent supervision of registries.

According to the specialization level required in specific fields like patents, our staff is composed of legal and technical personnel with extensive experience, which allows us to guarantee an appropriate service, both for the registry procedures, and the development of protection mechanisms, including actions dedicated to impede unauthorized exploitation of our clients exclusive rights.

For that purpose, our firm provides comprehensive solutions which include a series of related aspects, including specialized advice in sanitary regulation matters, such as pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and agrochemicals, among others, or the protection test data required for obtaining your registry.

The registry area works together with our litigation specialists and our experts in competition and publicity matters, thus offering comprehensive solutions to the legal problem or planning, as well as important commercial tools to our clients, such as commercial intelligence, with the analysis of the movement of distinctive signs in the areas of interest.

We have implemented a staff dedicated to conduct campaigns against piracy and falsifications, which include from preventive solutions to confiscations operations, whether with administrative authorities such as INDECOPI and ADUANAS, or with police and court authorities, as well as the monitoring of imports, through the registration of marks and elements of the industrial property at ADUANAS.

In addition, our law firm has the required technological support and systems to ensure appropriate surveillance and protection of our clients’ registrations entrusted to us.
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Market and Competition

The demands of today’s market need a responsible approach in business planning. Thus, the regulatory framework in market and competition matters must be taken into account.

We advise on planning and litigation services, both administrative or in court procedures, regarding Free Competition, Unfair Competition and Publicity, Consumer Defense and Bureaucratic Barriers.

We have extensive experience in consumption regulation, in publicity activity and in fighting against unfair practices. We perform prevention strategies and reduction of regulatory risks regarding business activity and we also defend the lawful interests in consumption matters with respect to any behaviors resulting from other companies in the market.
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Labor Law and Immigration

Within our comprehensive advice service, the Labor Law area is essential, as adequate labor planning in your company may prevent unnecessary overburden.

Therefore, we have put great effort in having professionals well acquainted with the laws applying them efficiently according to your company’s needs.

We have extensive experience following proceedings and permits before the labor authority, including immigration and naturalization processes, such as hiring foreign employees and obtaining their work permits.
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Our tax law experts provide legal advice regarding the fulfillment of tax obligations, asset management, tax planning, tax processes and the evaluation of acquisition transactions and reorganization of companies.

We provide advice on tax matters regarding financing, investment, infrastructure, and concession agreements. We assist our clients on tax administration audits and on court procedures.
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We offer a solid experience in customs area, whether related to tax policies or at an operational stage with respect to different mechanisms regarding customs matters. Our services include consultancy activities in relation to the different customs operations related to international trade; advice on tax auditing processes and representation in challenging processes regarding collection of taxes, whether as a result of value adjustments, customs duties classifications, customs processes or the application of promotional systems, as well as the imposition of fines or any other type of sanctions that may be applied to different foreign trade operators.

We offer an interdisciplinary staff for cases involving the application and the defense of tariff classification and value adjustments, and rules of origin.

Regarding the mechanisms for the promotion of exports, we have extended experience in drawback procedures, as well as in the planning for the application of the best alternatives offered by the legislation.
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Foreign Trade

In Foreign Trade area, our services include advice on international trade contracts and the correct application of INCOTERMS, means of payment, transportation agreements, insurance, agency agreements and related matters.

Our staff experience covers advising on the planning and the subsequent application of trade agreements with customs duty advantages, in these cases including the adoption of international trade defense mechanisms. We also have extensive experience in the compliance of technical regulations required for import and export of goods.
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Municipal and Registry

Our staff has wide experience in advising companies regarding the review of real estate documents. The consultancy includes reviewing registry records and the related municipal documents, obtaining and analyzing the Certificate of Urban Parameters and Zoning. In addition, we provide assistance in obtaining the Operating License, including the Certificate of Security and Civil Defense.

Our staff has a deep knowledge about the governing laws, in order to advice our clients on the proceedings to obtain administrative permits, authorizations and licenses before the local authorities.
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Life Science

With more than 20 years of experience, our Life Science area is leader in our country, providing a preventive and active service for the defense and protection of patent rights and protection of proof information of pharmaceutical and agrochemical products, advice on regulatory matters, on quality and access to the healthcare system, food and science of farming.

Our staff includes attorneys and scientists allowing to advice the main multinational pharmaceutical laboratories in a comprehensive manner, as well as on the industry of the science of farming, based on investigation, including the market entry process to the Peruvian market, access and permanency of products and new technologies in the country.
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Carlos Fernández-Dávila W.

Founding Partner
Juris Doctor from University of Vienna, and graduated summa cum laude from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú (PUCP). He has a Master’s Law Degree in Competition, Regulatory and Intellectual Property Law from PUCP. His practice areas include Intellectual Property, Competition, Publicity and Consumer Protection, Life Sciences, Corporate Law and Compliance.

Carlos is founder of the law firm (2005). He participated in the negotiation and implementation of Free Trade Agreements between the United States and Peru (PTPA), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and the European Union (EU). He has also served as professor at the PUCP Postgraduate School and as lecturer of different Intellectual Property and Competition Law events. Carlos served as Vice-president and cofounder of AMCHAM Intellectual Property Committee and as member of INTA (National Agricultural Technology Institute), ASIPI (Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property), AIPPI, among others. He is considered as a leading lawyer in different publications. He is fluent in Spanish, English and German.

Jennifer Cabrera León

International Trademark Area Leader
Lawyer by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Magna Cum Laude). With a Specialization Diploma in Advertising from Universidad del Pacífico. She has extensive experience in Antitrust, Advertising, Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, and Consumer

Ivette Luque Cárdenas

A lawyer with extensive experience in matters related to Intellectual Property, defense of Industrial Property Rights, Health Regulatory Law, and issues related to Antitrust Law.

Julissa Quiliche Chávez

Technical Scientific Area Leader
Chemist-Pharmacist of the National University of Trujillo. Graduated with a Master's Degree in Intellectual Property with a mention in Pharmaceutical Law. She has extensive experience in the implementation and certification of good storage practices, and procedures related to pharmaceutical establishments and pharmaceutical products, in addition to recognized experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnological patents.

Yohana Saavedra Acevedo

Labor, Immigration and Municipal Area Leader
Lawyer by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Master in Labor Law and Social Security by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. She has wide experience in Administrative Procedures and Judicial Proceedings in labor matters, as well as in Labor and Tax consulting, in mechanisms of personnel hiring strategy, labor planning, and reduction of labor costs, among others.

Neunlyn Marín Díaz

Competence Area Leader
Lawyer graduated from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello of Venezuela, with a degree revalidated by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. She has extensive experience in Antitrust and Anti-competitive Practices, as well as in Intellectual Property and Consumer Protection.

Abel Távara Arquínigo

Personal Data and New Technologies Area Leader
Lawyer by San Ignacio de Loyola University specialized in Personal Data Protection and New Technologies. With experience in unfair competition, consumer protection, and intellectual property. He also has extensive experience in Corporate Law, Corporate and State Contracting.

Julio Raggio Villanueva

Tax and Customs Area Leader
Lawyer by the Catholic University of Peru, Master in Public Management and Taxation and Fiscal Policy. With extensive experience in Tax and Customs Procedures, International Criminal Tax Proceedings, International Taxation, and Tax Planning focused on the development of Compliance Projects for public and private companies.

Fiorela Gadea Yupanqui

Labor, Immigration, and Municipal Law
Lawyer by Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, with wide experience in Labor, Immigration, and Municipal Law. With specialization courses in prevention and control of sexual harassment at work, certified by the MTPE. With experience in consulting and training in labor matters and immigration processes, management of operating licenses, ITSE Certificates, municipal permits, among others.

Gustavo Cusman Barriga

Corporate Area Leader
Lawyer by the University of Piura, Master in Finance and Corporate Law by the University Esan, Master in Maritime Law and Business by the University Abat Oliba CEU of Barcelona, with specialization in Finance and European Corporate Law by the University Carlos III of Madrid. He has extensive experience in company incorporation, commercial and civil law advisory, commercial transactions, and mergers and acquisitions, both at the international and local levels.

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